Board of trustees

In the following section you will see a list of current EJAG’s Board of trustees members

Werner Sonne
ARD (First german television channel) - correspondent, Head of the ARD- Morgenmagazin (morning-magazine)
Prof. Dr. Arndt
Rector of the University of Mannheim
Dr. Beck
Dr. Bernhard Beck, LL.M.
Executive board member and labor director oft he EnBW AG
Prof. Dr. Olk
Chairman of the Federal citizen’s involvement network (bbe), and Professor at the Martin-Luther-University in Halle/ Wittenberg
Klaus J. Bade
Migration researcher – publisher – government consultant
Dr. Peter Kurz
Senior major of the city of Mannheim
Dr. Eckart Würzner
Senior major of the city of Heidelberg
Dr. Klaus Kufeld
Chief executive of the Ernst-Bloch Center in Ludwigshafen
Helen Heberer
Member of the legislative assembly of the german province Baden-Württemberg
Ingolf Prüfer
Executive board member of the John Deere Company
Hans-Jürgen Farrenkopf
Executive board member of the MVV Energie AGG