Welcome to the Europäischen Jungakademiker Gesellschaft e. V.

The EJAG e.V. is a think tank that was founded by young academics and intellectuals with the following goals:

  • The promotion of intercultural interchange of young people
  • The organization of diverse projects: such as symposiums with the intention to bring the EU system closer to younger people, and to generate a sense of political and social challenges.

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Herr Toroman folgte der Einladung von Stef Wertheimer. Herr Wertheimer ist der reichste in Israel lebende Israeli. Nach dem Gespräch flogen sie zusammen von Tefen nach Tel Aviv.

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Herr Toroman mit dem israelischen Minister, Herr Akunis, in Tel Aviv in seinem Büro.


Germany's Former Federal President Joachim Gauck receives the EU-Generation-AWARD on a important event.

EJAG chairman Sinisa Toroman with former Bundespräsidenten Horst Köhler insin Schloss Bellevue
EJAG chairman Sinisa Toroman with Memeber of Executive Board of Deutsche Bahn AG Ronald Pofalla